The popularity of the TV show ‘Storage Hunters’ in the UK has meant that self storage unit auctions are in serious demand. Although it’s not something we do here at Britannia Premier Self Storage, we do love to see the wacky and wonderful things that people find in auctions around the world. Here’s 10 of the funniest things found that we’ve discovered on the web:

A giant hand


This was found on the US version of the show ‘Storage Hunters’. The unit contained artwork and clocks too, but no record of what the hand was from, or what it was actually a part of.

Tea bag tinsel


Another one from America, this time in a private auction, a Christmas Tree decorated in handmade tinsel was found. The strange thing was, this tinsel was made out of tea bags, similar to the image above – strange!

A swarm of bees


Can you bee-lieve it!A unit was opened up in a unit only to find there was nothing in it but a swarm of bees – proof that you need to choose your self storage company wisely if you want to protect your valuables.

Amputated leg in a barbeque


We kid you not! Back in 2007, the BBC reported that a man won a unit in an auction which contained a barbeque smoker. When he lifted the lid, he found an amputated leg!

Unreleased Michael Jackson songs


While he was still alive, 250 unreleased Michael Jackson tracks were found in a self storage unit. Amazingly he was not in contract with a record production company at the time which meant no-one owned the rights to the songs.

Bags of mud


Maybe the previous owner was a gardener? Whatever the reason, one auction left a man with a unit containing bags of mud and nothing else. We hope he didn’t spend too much buying it!

007’s submarine car


Remember that submarine car from “The Spy Who Loved Me”? Eight versions of the car were made, but only seven were accounted for until one man got lucky in a storage unit auction. He paid $100 for the unit and got $1 million back for the car!

Jesus Christ!


Yes, it was the cast of ‘Storage Hunters’ in the US that found a replica model of Jesus Christ. This model, depicting him on the cross, is something you wouldn’t think you’d find in a self storage unit!

Things left behind

It is unfortunate, and sometimes funny, when you see the amount of things that people leave behind in a self storage unit. If you’re thinking of getting self storage soon because of moving house, or simply de-cluttering the home, just make sure EVERYTHING is accounted for before you leave your unit!

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