A Review on my Fake Cat

By Becky, Premier Self Storage Burton

“I know it’s realistic, I tested it on my cat!”

My 11-month old daughter is absolutely fixated on our pet cat! From the moment she was on the move she’d chase her around the living room like a baby obsessed. My poor little cat (Febi) doesn’t get a minutes peace if she’s sat downstairs, which is why now she spends most of her days snuggled up on our bed asleep. Febi is getting older now and teaching my little daughter not to pull her tail as she walks past id almost impossible. Sometimes my daughter will give Febi an almighty whack as she walks by.

As exciting as it is living in Burton-on-Trent, one day I thought about what I could do to stop all the violence going on at home. And I came up with a brilliant idea. My plan was this; I was going to train my daughter to pet our cat gently

I bought a ‘realistic looking’ cat from eBay, I made sure it resembled Febi and I would use this as a schooling toy to teach my daughter to stroke and pet a cat.

This is what the cat looked like online.

burtonisms beckys toy cat







This what it actually looked like when it arrived.

burton on trent







My Husband hates it!! He thinks it’s ugly and unrealistic however I beg to differ. I know it’s realistic because I’ve tested it on my cat! I walk the toy up to her and her face is a picture. She’s so weary of it! Even a week later she will walk into a room and thoroughly check that it is not real. Febi sniffs the entire toy cat from head to tail to check isn’t a real cat. My daughter, however, still gives Febi a good kicking every now and again, she hasn’t still gotten the hang of “petting”.

weary cat in Burton

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