Spring cleaning gives you the chance to de-clutter, get to those hard-to-reach places and FINALLY do something with that old piece of furniture you’ve meant to throw away for three years. But, did you know that pretty much everyone in the world has made some basic mistakes when it comes to spring cleaning?

To find out whether you are guilty of doing the most basic spring cleaning mistakes, just like everyone else in the world, read on… 

Wrong clothes


Impromptu spring cleaning leads to your clothes getting ruined by chemicals, dirt, sweat and tears. Just like decorating a house, perhaps it is best to start with a plan of when you are going to begin cleaning, and make sure you where the clothes that are the bottom of your pile.

Wrong products


“Seriously, why is this polish not getting rid of the stain on my carpet”… how many times have you used a cleaning product outside of its purpose just to “see” if it would work? Not only this, but how many times have you tried to use a product that is clearly out of date? The truth is, if it’s old or doesn’t say it will clean what you want it to clean, the chances are it won’t work. Or you’ll end up damaging a piece of furniture or your carpet. Stick to the guidelines on the bottles – that is what they’re there for.

Trying to get it done in one day


No way Jose! By the time you’ve fought with the bed to vacuum underneath it, and reminisced about the photographs  you’ve found at the back of a cupboard, it’s already 3pm! No matter how much planning you do, it will take a good couple of days to do the whole of your house – and if you can get people to help you out, probably even shorter.

Using dirty cloths


It can soon turn into ‘Spring Smearing’ if you don’t use fresh cloths while you are cleaning. Dusters, wet cloths, tissue paper, chamois and any other cloths you are using must be replaced as soon as they get dirty. Otherwise, you’re simply doing a brilliant job of moving the dirt around your house unintentionally.

Throwing things away


You’ve not used that exercise bike in three years, but somehow it manages to escape being thrown away every Spring clean – why? Us Brits are obsessed with keeping belongings longer than we need or use them – we’re quick to buy, but slow to get rid.

Now, there are a plethora of ways to deal with possessions such as the exercise bike, if you’re struggling to throw it away. While Ebay gives you an opportunity to sell it for a small fee, self storage allows you the opportunity to keep it until you need it, giving you more space at home and less guilt about simply throwing it away.


Photo Credit: Pixabay, Pixabay, Pixabay, Pixabay, Flickr