Self Storage In London

Self storage in London is indeed very handy for lots of people for so many different reasons.
Whether your renting an apartment in London and space is a bit tight or whether you run your own business from home and space is required for excess stock, self storage is the easiest option all round!

Please see our price comparisons below to find out how much you could save by traveling only 100 miles down the road.

Prices are based on a 50 sq ft unit


Self Storage


Premier Self Storage




Weekly Charge £43.20

Weekly Charge £19.20




6 Monthly Charge £1,123.20

6 Monthly Charge £499.20



6 months

Yearly Charge £2,246.40

Yearly Charge £844.80*




All prices include VAT

*Subject to a minimum of 12 months storage – a payment of 10 months in advance is required to receive 2 months free


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Self Storage in London is an ever increasing industry due to the high cost of properties both in the rental and purchase market place.
We are all aware an average 2 bed-roomed apartment in London is nowhere near as roomy as similar properties elsewhere within the UK due to the high cost associated with the London housing market. This has resulted in the significant increase in people turning to self storage in London to accommodate some of their home contents.
Self storage in London is not only for those who hold on to their valuable items of furniture with a view to ultimately moving out of the expensive areas into larger more suburban villages but self storage is also used for those whose hobbies include surfing, cycling, camping, fishing etc.

Although self storage is without doubt a cheap option across the country not just those living in London but also for people who need more space whether it be short term or long term storage. When looking at the different price ranges between the north and south of England there is a huge divide between the cost associated with self storage just like the price divide of property prices between the north and south.
Our research has proven this and if you are considering self self storage in London as an option we can certainly save you a significant amount of money whether it is for short term self storage or long term self storage.


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