Lego is one of the smallest toys you can play with. Yeah, the pieces are bright and colourful and it’s nice when you have a set or two tidily in the corner. But, when you have a husband that loves Lego, it can drive you up the friggin wall.

Lately,I’ve experienced that having a husband that loves Lego can cause a little tension in your relationship.  Not only do you never see him because he’s always busy “building” the damn stuff, but all of a sudden all those lovely work surfaces you used to do stuff like EAT on, suddenly disappear!

self storage for lego




I’ve now decided that if he’s going to carry on buying and building there’s only one thing for it…….. No not divorce, its’ getting him his own room down at Premier Self Storage Burton [shameless plug] to give me back some space to do my make up and get some eBaying done!

I think he’ll settle in really nicely down there, its’ quiet and will give him sooooo much space to sit and build till his hearts’ content without me “nagging” him every 5 minutes.






The good thing about having his own space at the self -storage facility is the fact that he can still get things delivered to our house, but then can go straight to his unit and do what he needs to there, away from my lovely kitchen worktop. He has recently started selling Lego on eBay and Facebook which takes up a lot of time (and even more space) and his storage unit is perfect to house all his packaging materials to wrap it all up – the post office is even on the way home which is perfect!

Update: 2 months later:-

Wow he took me to show me what he’s been up to over the last 2 months and I couldn’t believe my eyes!! To be fair he’s a very well organised person anyway so I expected a little order but this is incredible. The units don’t have any lighting inside them however he went down to Poundland and bought some of them stick on lights and the batteries last for ages! There isn’t electricity in the room however he uses his phone for all his eBaying and the 4G signal is great inside!