In an attempt to have the perfect wedding day, couples are taking personalisation to the next level by ditching the wedding planner, and ditching the same old venues too. There has been a huge increase in the number of weddings being held outside in the UK, with marquees and tipis being the host for the wedding breakfasts and receptions after the big ceremony.

With such a blank canvas to work with, couples have created inspirational venues by finding creative decorations online and upcycling old furniture, some ideas of which can be found all over Pinterest.

Think about wedding storage

For those that have started looking at DIY weddings already, you will understand that collecting decorations a long time before your wedding day is a great way to get ready for the big day – but where on earth do you store it all?

Well, here’s five reasons to think about wedding storage and how you will benefit:

1 – More space!

Finally, your house and your parent’s house do not need to be bombarded by boxes of decorations! Getting independent storage allows you to store the things that are taken up too much space in your house, shed, garage and any other room you’ve put stuff in.

Also with independent storage, you’re able to store the bigger things that you buy or even make yourself. Furniture such as tables and sofas are needed at a wedding, but not needed to make your house a mess!

2 – Everything in one place

It can get incredibly confusing when you’ve got three boxes labelled as “table decorations” without actually knowing just where that special candle holder is that you’re looking for – not to mention the other boxes you’ve got in the loft!

Getting storage allows you to put all your weddings things in one place and keep them there. This also gives you the focus to properly label your boxes up and make it easier to find things you’re looking for.

3 – Safe and secure

The thought of your valuable wedding things being damaged, or worse still, stolen, is utterly saddening. Yes, you can hide away the valuables upstairs in your secret cupboard, but nothing can stop them being damaged when you try and carry them downstairs one day!

Storage gives you the space and security to store your weddings things properly. Many independent storage places have some sort of security you can rely on, in the case of us here at Britannia Premier Self Storage, we have a fully alarmed, 24 hour CCTV secure premises meaning your things are always safe.

4 – Buy things sooner

The restrictions of not having enough space back home means that you may put off buying certain things for your wedding – like furniture, or giant outdoor games to play. Having storage gives you the chance to buy things as you see them, so you will never miss out once they disappear from the shop.

5 – Its relatively cheap

Some may dismiss the idea of self storage straight away just because it’s an added cost to their wedding budget, but if the four reasons above have made you think that storage is valuable to you, then maybe it’s worth investing in?

The great thing is, it’s actually relatively cheap to get a self storage unit for what you need. Here at Britannia Premier Self Storage, we offer all our new customers the chance to pick their own offer to suit them – and with units available from as little as 86p per day you won’t be breaking the bank to store your wedding things.


Photo Credit: Flickr