For growing start-up companies or large firms struggling for space at their existing premises, long term storage for business can be the perfect solution. Just imagine how beneficial it would be if you had more space in your filing cabinets for the things you use on a daily basis – rather than them being used to gathering rubbish and dust.

Many businesses rightly look towards storage units to alleviate their offices of the things they don’t need – but finding the right place to store belongings that are either valuable or confidential, can be hard. So to find the best place for you to store your company’s assets long term, here’s our 3 step guide…

1 – Search online

Of course, everything starts with searches online these days. But to take your analysis one step further, and to make sure you get the best self storage for you, check the following:

  • Location: Are they within a decent driving distance of your business?
  • Reviews: Do they have good reviews on their website or on 3rd party sites such as Google?
  • Specialist: Do they claim to have the facilities available for businesses and long term storage?

2 – Safety and accessibility

Whether you’re looking to store confidential paper work, or expensive I.T equipment, your storage facility needs to be super safe and give you access when you need it. Some self storage firms have simple security systems and are only open 5 days per week. To give you piece of mind and proper accessibility, look for places that have:

  • Alarmed AND CCTV secure premises
  • Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

3 – The space you need

It’s obvious, but consolidating all your business belongings in the one storage unit makes everything a lot easier. If a premises is not able to hold all your storage in one or two rooms, move onto the next best place. When it comes to storing too, remember to think about what you may be returning for sooner rather than later. When you know this, you can make sure these items are closer to the door and easier to transport, making a trip to your self storage unit easy.

We can help

If you’re looking for long term storage for business, then here at Britannia Premier Self Storage, we can help. Whether you’re looking to store paperwork, office furniture, or even machinery, see how we can provide you with the perfect storage which includes:

  • A clean and dust free environment
  • 24 hour access to your unit
  • Alarmed and CCTV secure premises
  • No hidden charges or extra charges per visit
  • Free use of car park, trolleys and pallet trucks

To find out how much space you may need, special offers, and how we’ve helped other firms with their long term storage needs, get in touch with us today.


Photo Credit: Flickr