Increase In House Prices 2013

We have already started to see the significant increase in house prices 2013 across the UK.

This is great for people desperate to sell their houses who have probably struggled over the past 12 months due to lending being extremely strict.

The increase in house prices 2013 has also helped a lot of businesses across the country for lots of different reasons such as solicitors, estate agents, letting agents, removal companies, van hire etc.

On the other hand there are people in the UK that will be greatly affected for the worse due to the increase in house prices this year.  One category that will suffer from this the most is the first time buyers in the market place.

We all know the banks over the last few months have been more lenient in lending money, offering higher mortgage percentages to make it more realistic for first time buyers to get on the property ladder.  This unfortunately comes with the dreaded higher interest rates – potentially making the lenders a lot more money in the interim.

If you are in the position where your house is on the market and you want it to look as spacious and tidy as it possibly can, then we can help you sell your house!

Come and visit us today at Premier Self Storage off Wellington in Burton on Trent and rent any storage room for a minimum of 8 weeks and pay only £1 for your first 4 weeks* – unit prices as little as £5.00/week + VAT*

8 weeks is sometimes all it takes from start to finish (we’ve seen it with our own eyes) from putting your home on the market to completion!

So don’t struggle with clutter or hide it in cupboards, show your buyer the potential and remember SPACE SELLS HO– USES! bring it to us to look after until your settled in your new home or at least until you sign on that dotted line!

p.s. we do not store children, partners, pets or any other livestock – sorry for any inconvenience this may cause!

* subject to payment upfront for the complete 8 weeks and availability.


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