Tips When Moving House with Dogs




Moving house can be tough on humans and we pretty much know what’s going on. Dogs love their home, love their spots and transitions to new places can be stressful.
Well, not as stressful as with cats, but there are some measures to be taken care of and knowing what to do will make moving with dogs a lot easier.

How to Move with Dogs

1. Pay then lots of attention – It should go without saying that a dog’s life is its owner! Dogs don’t care where they are or what they’re doing, as long as their owner is happy and pays attention to them.
2. Keep the routine – Another big part of moving house with dogs easily is to preserve the routine so stick to walks, meal time, bed time and adhere as closely to your established routine.

3. Familiarize with the new place – This is optional but if you are able to do so, don’t hesitate as it can be a huge help. After you’ve purchased your house, take your dog over there and let it have a walk through the neighbourhood. Allow your dog to meet the new dogs in the area early after your move. All of these will help your dog feel at home and reduce the risk of their running away.
4. Go for a walk before the ride – It’s a good way to keep the dog away from the house while the movers load your stuff onto the van. You should know by now dogs aren’t very fond of strangers going in and out of the house. It’s also a good opportunity to tire the dog with play, so it won’t be too irritated during the drive.

5. Spoil on the ride – Pay attention to the dog during the ride by talking to them, petting & hugging them – time will pass quickly this way.
6. Spoil at the new home – Here comes the real deal – before, during and after the ride, you have to spoil the dog as much as you can. Lots of treats, longer play time, longer walks, letting them sleep on the bed a few nights. The attention they get in this confusing time, the better they will take it.
7. Never stop loving your pet. Be sure, the dog knows when it’s being loved, and this is all it needs.


It’s these simple acts that can make the difference between a peaceful move for your dog or being miserable and trying to bite the moving team 🙂